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About KOI

We’ve been in the forefront of the hemp cannabis industry, creating high-quality goods that offer a better experience. And we’ll keep spearheading the hemp movement for happiness and natural health.
In the end, we may live better because we remain committed to making friends and family feel better. And there’s no tolerance for mediocrity or compromises around here. Only the greatest components, sources, and procedures are used, each and every time.

Trailblazing Long Before The Hype

We’ve been at the center of the hemp cannabinoid world, developing quality products that provide an elevated experience. And we’ll continue to lead the wave of hemp for natural health and happiness.

Make Products That Matter

We stay focused on our commitment to helping friends and family feel better so that ultimately, we can live better. And around here, there’s no room for compromises or subpar quality. It’s only the best ingredients, best suppliers, and best processes, every time.


Be Innovative, Relentlessly

Yeah, we dream big. But we also do big. Like those unrelenting koi fish that inspire us, we keep moving forward in a quest for new discoveries. With its hundreds of compounds, we know hemp has even more to offer and we’re eager to deliver all of its life-changing benefits.

never compromise

Delicious, Always

Cannabinoid products often taste bad. They shouldn’t. You should look forward to the cannabinoid products you use every day. Our goal is to smash your expectations and deliver the best health and happiness experience, period. And if you’re not saying “yum,” we blew it.

3rd Party Lab Tested

Before they reach you, Koi products are independently analyzed to ensure potency, consistency, and quality by an accredited, third-party laboratory.

Tailored Experiences

At Koi, you’ll find the full spectrum of benefits hemp has to offer so you can create the exact experience you seek for every situation, every single time.

Feel-Good Effects

Being happy doesn’t just make us feel better, it improves our health. Thankfully, Koi is there when you need a quick fix to brighten your mood.

USA Grown Hemp

Quality starts at the source, and our home-grown hemp sets the stage for gold standard products we feel confident sharing with our friends and family.

Full Traceability

Track your Koi product from end to end of our supply chain, starting with certified agricultural hemp seeds to the finished outcome in hand.

Taste A Priority

Every single Koi product is crafted with taste in mind and tested by our team, because enjoying the journey is just as important as where you’re going.

The Brightly Colored Fish That Inspires Us

The legend of the koi is a tale of perseverance in the face of setbacks, a principle that reflects how we approach every product and experience we deliver.

story 1

According to ancient Chinese lore, a school of koi made the difficult journey upstream against the mighty current of the Yellow River, building strength and grit along the way. Upon arriving at a waterfall, some conceded to the flow of the river.

story 2

Most koi remained, leaping from the river’s depths in pursuit of the top of the waterfall. Local demons took notice, and heightened the waterfall out of cruelty, moving it further from reach. Undeterred, the fish jumped on.

story 3

After 100 years, a single koi finally reached the top of the waterfall, its destiny fulfilled. The gods who witnessed the achievement rewarded the koi, transforming it into a golden dragon, a symbol of wisdom and health.

story 4

The koi legend reminds us to persevere in our ongoing pursuit of “better.” Better practices, better products, better days, and better lives. As we continue to fulfill the destiny of Koi, we rally behind the spirit of the koi fish.

Our Story

In 2013, out of a single-car garage in Norwalk, California, two siblings and their cousin planted the seed for what would grow into the cannabinoid industry’s most trusted brands.

The three would gather after work and toil late into the night, fueled by a drive to make a genuine impact and an innovative vision for what lay ahead with hemp. For one, whose 5-year-old daughter relied on CBD’s healing properties, bringing high-quality cannabinoids to the world was personal.

Joined later by a close friend, our four founders created Koi CBD in 2015 to set the standard of quality for cannabinoids. Long before the hype, they recognized the opportunities hemp-derived compounds offered people looking for balance, stress release, and wellness.

They knew that being a leader in this industry would take a commitment to use the best ingredients and processes no matter the cost and connecting human-to-human with the people counting on us for the cannabinoids they need.


our story 1

Using the expertise they had acquired working in the vape space, they started with a line of CBD-infused vape oils, a cutting-edge idea at the time, before expanding Koi’s catalog.

In those early years our founders set the core values that set us apart– a quality-first mindset and willingness to go above and beyond. They formulated tiny batches, filled bottles by hand, and used grassroots tactics to spread the word.

In selling that very first 100-count flat of bottles, they cemented the family-unified approach and unrelenting enthusiasm that continues to shape Koi today.

Since then, we’ve expanded our Koi family, outgrown that original garage, and continue to challenge ourselves to push forward new standards and new discoveries. We’re excited to share this labor of love and hope our cannabinoids help you reach new levels of health and happiness.


our story 2

Putting People First

Koi is more than a brand. We work to make our community stronger by fostering an environment of support and working toward impactful causes.


Acknowledging Those Who Make An Impact

To show our appreciation to the pillars of our local communities, we offer discounts to first responders, medical professionals, active military and veterans, and those receiving financial assistance through our Koi Cares program.


Coming Together During COVID-19

To help during the COVID-19 pandemic, we repurposed our production facility to bottle much-needed hand sanitizer for communities across the U.S. We matched every purchase with a donation to hospitals and first responders.

ethical pet

Supporting The Ethical Treatment Of Pets

We donate a portion of proceeds from our pet CBD products to IPittytheBull, an organization that works with rescues and animal shelters to reverse negative stereotypes and advocates for responsible pet ownership.